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実現〜 Music for a new world. ♪

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『So, what the cow is 実現 (Jitsugen)? 』

As a first note, 実現 stands for materialize, the first consequence of free will. Being free to choose it's own destiny, one can materialize dreams, feelings, hopes and love. On the other hand, free will can also lead one to materialize destruction, war, greed and envy. Whether it's used for good or evil, the humans are able to materialize their own future with their own hands.

The same goes for music too. Music was never meant to be a political tool, neither a commercial product; it was meant to be just a state of art, free as a human. Whether it's used for good or evil, it depends solely on the hands of whoever manipulates it.

Believing in that, I came with this little place, to materialize my future with my own hands. I chose to use music in it's pure form as an attempt to create a better world, where people can be be free to be themselves.

Now, it's up to you what kind of things you'll materialize from now on.

At first, I was going to take this road alone.. but, some time ago, life guided me to new friends, who had a lot in common with me. Seeing their will to become a part of this little project, I couldn't refuse. XD

『So, what we'll have here?』

I'll focus mostly on Japanese rock as it has been fullfilling all my soul's needs in these times, but I'll try to bring other Asian artists whenever I have a good chance. Of course my musical taste isn't restricted to japanese music, but to change the world, one must start from the base.

However, don't expect me to do the same as countless other sharing communities. I'm not interested in bringing the newest v-kei releases faster then anyone; I'm interested in bringing a smile to someone's face with something they didn't know 'till then. It doesn't necessarily mean an unknown band though.

I'll bring music from both visual and non-visual world, seeing as how both are very talented and can equally make someone feel the emotion of life.

『Rules? 』

They're necessary, 'cause I want everyone to feel confortable here. :]

01. The music shared here is for sample purpose. After 24 hours, the responsibility for the files isn't mine anymore. I know no one deletes it, but I don't want legal problems. But I'm sure you'll like the music so much you'll buy the releases, so it's fine.

02. You don't really need to comment, to say thanks or anything like that. What's really important to me isn't knowing you downloaded the file, it's feeling I could bring happiness to someone. However, you can comment to say something about the file, about the community, about me, to chat about something, it's up to you. :]

03. Please, don't claim anything you find here as yours. I don't care about commenting, but I do care about people stealing all the hard work I have. You don't really need to credit, but just don't claim as yours.

04. No elitism, ranting or hate comments of any nature

05. Spread the files everywhere. You can use my own links, as I'll feel good seeing the download counter increasing. But remember rule 3. XD

That should do it. I'm a really gentle person, but if you ever break the rule 3, I'll ban you and chase your IP for eternity 'till you burn in hell. Whoever breaks the rule 4 can have mercy if they never do that again. Doing for the second time will led you to the same fate of rule 3 transgressors.

『Who am I? 』


Bruno, an almost 20 year guy from Brazil; born in the year of the Dragon, with deep bonds to the Serpent. Also, carrying the Taurus flag.

Currently studying Tourism at a federal university, has a deep passion for History and useless culture, and loses too much time reading things about both.

Atheist with a incredible love for heavy music, black and dark things, is the most cheerful, calm, energetic and lovely person one will meet in some time. Quite contradictory, but not exactly.

That probably is me. ♥

『Who is she? 』


doe6 is an 18 year old american female. A "September-san" that loves music, art and foreign language till the end of her life.

She enjoys singing, writing lyrics and music and hopes to be in a band someday. Her younger ambition of becoming a manga-ka introduced her to the world of japanese culture (as well as other cultures besides that of her own country). This caused her to take an interest in traveling and learning as many languages as possible. Currently she is best with Japanese but also knows a thing or 2 (Mostly just a thing xD) about Korean, Arabic and Thai. She's currently Majoring in International Buissness and plans to study abroad in japan. Her favorite band of all time is Do As Infinity but she also has a deep fondness and love for alice nine.. Don't let this fool you though, she's open to all types of music and has a pretty mixed taste.

"In the future i want to paint the colors of this life with my blood, sweat and tears on a canvas of lyrics and notes that will touch the soul. 皆と一緒に歌を作りましょうか?"

『And she? 』

Mima Kinomoto

This is Mima's introduction. Because she failed at doing it, I decided to do it for her! I'm her friend btw, but we are not here to talk about me.

So.... Mima is from Brazil and 18 years old, if I remember correctly. She is waaay too obsessed with uploading things. If you get to know her, she's probably going to attempt to brainwash you into liking the stuff she's obsessed with, as well as a lot of bands, specially Do As Infinity.

But don't worry, she doesn't bite...much.

『And she? 』


Champ213 is a 29-year old female from Cologne, Germany. She is still kinda finishing her studies in Japanese, English and Linguistics, but is mostly working as Japanese language translator and researcher.

She has been listening to japanese music since roughly 2000 and has a passion for old-school visual kei (and some newer vk as well.)
These days however she mostly listens to non-asian music which will comprise many of her uploads here. She likes various genres like metal (especially folk and power metal), indie rock, neo-folk, industrial and gothic rock and some occasional electronic and trip-hop.

『And he? 』


Saku is a 16 year old Male From the states, born in the year of the
Monkey and is a taurus.

He Loves all types of music with a passion, from the poppy stuff to
the Br00tal. hes been into Japanese music for the last 4 years, but
has a broad taste for all Styles of music even though recently he has
been focusing mainly on Indies VK and the sort. he has a curiosity for
computers and such, and would like to pursue a future in graphic arts.

『Support? 』

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Want to help promote this awesome comm? Please feel free to use our lovely banner.


Want to affiliate? Message either doaseternity6 or champ213. Provide us with a 100x50 image and a short description of you're community.

『Something else? 』

If you ever find that any of the files I've uploaded was yours and wasn't meant to be shared in my community, please contact me. I probably didn't even know the file was yours or that it was forbidden to share.

Also, I'll state again: By getting any file shared here, you're accepting all responsibility for whatever you do with the files from now on. Remember, it's up to you to materialize your destiny.

All contents ranging from graphics to audio are copyright by the respective artists, labels and anyone else.

Credits for the awesome layout goes for jrockxstar people. ♥